Environmentally Aware Lifestyle

Environmentally Aware Lifestyle

Environmentally Aware Lifestyle


Eco-awareness is the starting point for all sustainable living. As we go about our daily lives, we are faced with choices that can have large impacts on our planet. The easiest way to be eco-conscious is to adopt simple practices that will make a positive impact on the environment.


Most would agree that the world needs to be more conscious of the environment and the impact it has on our health. Unfortunately, thousands of chemicals and forever plastics have already been released into the environment without any concerns. 


Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, “Approximately 37% of discarded electronics are landfilled, burned in incinerators, or recycled? In comparison, less than 1% of plastics and paper, and most metals are recycled.”

What can we do to help with this problem? How can we make our environmental footprint as small as possible?


As you already know, environment conservation is a way of life. We cannot survive without nature and the environment. We have to be careful about how we use resources and energy, preserve water, protect our land and water areas so that we can live on this planet with minimal damage.


In the world of business, sustainability is one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry. The global population is constantly growing, and global warming is at an all-time high as well. As a result, environmental stewardship is critically important. There are many ways to contribute to environmental sustainability and eco living on a daily basis, whether it’s opting for green energy to lower your carbon footprint or recycling plastic.

There are many ways we can help the environment, whether it’s recycling, turning off appliances or unplugging our cellphones at night. But you may be overlooking one of the easiest, most effective ways to improve the environment — your home. By making small changes to your living space, you can make a big difference for nature.


- Concordia

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