Promote Your Art, NFT, or Website!

Promote Your Art, NFT, or Website!

Welcome to Concordia Style Boutique Space!

Are you an artist, NFT creator, or website owner looking to promote your work?
Look no further! At Concordia Style Boutique Space, we offer a unique advertising opportunity with our pixel-based advertising Page.
Here's all the information you need to get started:

Promote Your Art, NFT, or Website. One Pixel = .10 cents.




  • How much does a pixel cost?
    • The cost of one pixel is only 0.10 cents [USD]. It's an affordable and effective way to get your message across to our audience.
  • What are my payment options?
    • Currently, we accept payments exclusively through PayPal. This ensures a secure and seamless payment process for our users.
  • What are the image requirements?
    • Your image should be less than 5MB in size and have a minimum dimension of 50px x 50px. For the best results, we recommend using images with equal height and width.
  • Is there a minimum number of pixels I can purchase?
    • Yes, you can start with just one pixel! We provide the flexibility to accommodate both small and large-scale advertising needs.
  • How many pictures can I upload/pixels can I purchase?
    • Feel free to upload as many pictures as you'd like. The number of pixels available for purchase depends on the availability within our system.
  • Will my ad be displayed right away, or does it require approval?
    • All ads need to go through an approval process. Rest assured, if your ad is not approved, you will not be charged. We maintain an open-minded approach to advertising, although certain ads may not be approved due to PayPal restrictions or other considerations.
  • Can I create an ad and save it for later?
    • Absolutely! You can create your ad and save it for up to 2 weeks. This allows you to work on your ad at your convenience and finalize it when you're ready.
  • Is the space I choose reserved as I'm filling out the information and making the payment?
    • Yes, the space you select is reserved for you while you fill out the information and complete the payment process. This ensures that you have exclusive access to the chosen space.
If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please click [] to contact us directly. We're here to help!
Ready to showcase your art, NFT, or website? Click [] to choose your pixels and start your advertising journey with Concordia Style Boutique.
Thank you for choosing us to promote your creative endeavors. We can't wait to see your work on our platform!


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