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Biodegradable Eyebrow Razor For Women

Biodegradable Eyebrow Razor For Women

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Introducing Our Biodegradable Eyebrow Razor: Your Eco-Friendly Beauty Essential!

Join the movement towards sustainability with our Biodegradable Eyebrow Razor for Women. Crafted from 100% biodegradable wheat straw, this innovative grooming tool not only helps you achieve flawless brows but also minimizes environmental impact. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to a greener beauty routine!

Designed with precision and care, our eyebrow razors feature a slim structure and stainless steel microblade, making hair removal effortless and gentle on your skin. The lightweight design ensures ease of use, whether you're at home or on the go.

Each pack includes three regular-sized razors, perfect for achieving the ideal eyebrow shape. Our razors are equipped with 52 stainless steel guards, providing protection against nicks and cuts while delivering smooth, glowing skin in minutes.

Not just limited to eyebrows, our versatile razors can also be used to remove unwanted hair from the face, armpits, neck, bikini lines, and more. Whether you're preparing for a night out with friends or a quick touch-up at home, our eyebrow razor is the perfect all-in-one grooming tool.

Join us in our mission to go green and say no to plastic. With biodegradable materials and plastic-free packaging, you can feel good about making a positive impact on the planet while looking your best.

Make the switch to our Biodegradable Eyebrow Razor today and experience the perfect blend of beauty and sustainability!


Eco-friendly & Zero Waste & Plastic Free: This biodegradable personal care product has been developed with 100% biodegradable material from one of the world's most natural assets, wheat straw. Designed carefully from the finest wheat straw, it naturally degrades in the soil in 4-5 years. Joining natural components with a perfect, present-day idea, these shavers for women is an ideal choice for your makeover under 5 pounds.

These eyebrow razors have a slim structure, stainless steel microblade, and are lightweight, making them simple to remove unnecessary hair.

A Complete Set: Our pack contains regular size women's razors for a completely new look.

The micro blades are covered with safety guards to prevent cuts and decrease redness.

Razor Dimensions: Length:15.2cm

Width: 1 cm 52 teeth macro safety guards

How to use:

1) Wash your face with warm water to permit pores and skin cells to open up.

2) Softly glide the blade downwards while holding it at a 45-degree angle.

3) It removes unwanted hair from the roots leaving a fresh look.

4) After you are done with removing hair, wash your face thoroughly.

5) Once you are done, it would be ideal if you cautiously clean the sharp edge, dry it, and add the safety lid before putting it away.

Pro Tips:

1) Moisturize well with lotion after using face razors to avoid redness

2) Stretch your skin while chiseling to avoid nipping

3) Do short stokes and apply medium pressure

4) Move it in the same direction as the hair

5) Disinfect the blades after each shave

【GO GREEN】Made up of certified biodegradable Wheat Straw material that is close to nature. The cardboard packaging, handle, and cap of the eyebrow shaver are PLASTIC-FREE. Be a part of our campaign "say no to plastic."

[PACK OF 3-Contains 3-regular size women's razor shapers to make a precise eyebrow arch. Our Little hair remover is lightweight - Take it everywhere with YOU.

PREMIUM QUALITYE - yebrow razor blades for the face are covered with 52 stainless steel teeth safety guards. Protects nipping off the skin, leaving perfect and glowing skin while sweeps out hair painlessly in minutes.

【ALL-PURPOSE WOMEN'S BEAUTY TOOL】Apart from sharpening the eyebrows, clean up unnecessary hairs of the face, armpits, neck, bikini lines, and sideways super easily. A perfect self-grooming tool for salon and home use.

【ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF FOR PARTY】 Never miss the FUN with friends. Keep the face shavers in your purse to get ready in the car—a quick way to have a sparkling personality. Just look good, and you feel good.


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