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Liquid Chlorophyll Drops Water Soluble Concentrate for Immune System (60ml)

Liquid Chlorophyll Drops Water Soluble Concentrate for Immune System (60ml)

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Respond to daily stress and boost energy at the cellular level.Gently detoxify intestines and promote regularity.Nature's , neutralize odors and fight bad breath.Make a delicious super concentrated 'green ' with ease. flavor, no additives or artificial flavors.Spec:Ingredients: ChlorophyllShelf life: 3 yearsNet content: 60 (g/ml)Package List:1 x Chlorophyll drops
  • 1. Respond to the stress in daily life and start a new day in a green way. Unlike caffeine supplements and other stimulants, liquid chlorophyll can increase energy at the cellular level, maintaining cleanliness from morning to night, and continuous energy growth.
  • 2. It helps to remove harmful and detoxify the intestines gently to help you maintain regularity. Reduce gas and constipation.
  • 3. Chlorophyll is nature's . It neutralizes odors by detoxifying our blood and breaking down compounds that cause internal odors. Effective and bad breath remover for men and women.
  • 4. Easy to mix with water to make a delicious super concentrated green that will not cause serious damage to your stomach.
  • 5. The flavor of our product shows that it is , without any flavor or additives.


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