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Natural Round Shap Konjac Sponge Face Cleaning Sponge

Natural Round Shap Konjac Sponge Face Cleaning Sponge

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Suitable for people: any skin

Product introduction:
Konjac face washing is made from the konjac rhizome (natural plant fiber), extracted from Konjac essence. Its texture is mild and natural pure.

Natural ancient method production, biodegradable, is the ideal natural environmental cleaning products. Suitable for any skin type, even sensitive skin can be protected in place, which is a wise choice to care for your delicate skin.

The unique Mesh Knot in Konjac face wash is enough to clean the skin without stimulation, remove the old horniness of the skin, lock the water and moisturize, suitable for any skin type, and make the skin clean, protect, beautify and nourish in one step. It can also be used for newborn babies without damaging their skin.

Can be used for: powder, isolation, BB cream, foundation, blush cream, the tip is suitable for concealer.

Please keep the powder puff clean. The powder puff with sebum dirt will become dirty and hard. It is not easy to get honey powder. At this time, please clean the powder puff. (use neutral detergent, after washing by pressing down above, put it in a cool place to dry. When the puff loses its elasticity, it can't recover its softness after cleaning. Please replace the puff


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