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Spearmint Pure Essential Oil- 15 ml

Spearmint Pure Essential Oil- 15 ml

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The smell of the mentha spicata plant is immediately recognizable thanks to its cool, sweet, pungent aroma. Our spearmint essential oil is steam-distilled from leaves grown in China.

Common Uses:

Spearmint essential oil has a potent cooling effect when applied topically, and can be used on damaged, reddened skin as well as added to muscle rubs. Aromatically, it stimulates the nerves, provides balance and grounding, and restores the mind. Diffuse, mix into water, spray, or apply topically in a 2-5% dilution.

Aromatic Scent:

Spearmint essential oil has a fresh, minty smell reminiscent of peppermint. The major difference is that spearmint oil is sweeter and not quite as harsh.


Spearmint essential oil may irritate mucous membranes.

Avoid use during pregnancy.


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