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Organic Case - Jasmine

Organic Case - Jasmine

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Take your senses on a journey with the world’s first sustainable organic smartphone cases made from hand-picked and pressed natural materials.

100% SAFE

The worlds first

Organic Jasmine Phone Case

The beautiful and gentle Jasmine flower embodies love, beauty and warmth. Just the thought of it brings you calmness and makes you feel relaxed. Now you can experience that feeling everywhere you go with our Organic Jasmine Phone Case. The gentle touch of the all-natural Jasmine material is pleasant and brings your mind to the centre. The organic Jasmine material emits a gentle aroma that makes every phone call a new experience. Besides al its amazing properties of the Jasmine phone case it is also an amazing Eco friendly option for your everyday phone case.

The origin of the Organic Jasmine: Spain


Organic Handpicked Materials

The aroma and the soft texture of the Jasmine phone case are the best part of it. That is why we only use all-natural organic jasmine flowers that are handpicked and sustainably harvested in Spain. Then they are carefully pressed so the flowers and the natural aroma is perfectly preserved for you to enjoy. In the end, the material is protected with an all-natural, non-toxic, sugar-based resin that allows the organic Jasmine to breathe but at the same time, it protects it from getting damaged.

Unique texture and

All Natural Aroma

The natural aroma from the Jasmine flower material is gentle and relaxing. The texture is pleasant to the touch and makes handling the phone a joyful experience. The aroma is all-natural and is coming from the material itself. It can last up to 2-4 months (depending on the material). But because we want you to have the best experience with the Organic Jasmine phone case, we made an all-natural scent Jasmine refresher that will bring new life to your phone case. The scent refresher is made in house and contains all-natural ingredients. Find out more .


  • All-natural sustainably harvested organic jasmine
  • The first of its kind in the world
  • Amazing natural scent and feeling
  • Allergen Free material 😊
  • Attractive modern look and style
  • Coated with non-toxic sugar based resin
  • Water-resistant for all-weather use 💧


  • Recyclable PU case ♻️
    (made in SGS certified non-toxic production)
  • Ultra-Slim and lightweight
  • Durable and Drop tested
  • Full phone encasing with above screen lip
  • Provides great grip
  • Wireless / Qi Charging Compatible
  • Made in Europe 🌍


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